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The Aramco Group's President, Mehran Aram and his loyal staff have dedicated themselves to the service and education of their clients, treating them with

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"Thanks for all your efforts and hard work to keep going forward
with completing our loan! You were all on top of things and always
let us know what the next process was for our loan.

We will be sure to refer The Aramco Group to our friends who may be
looking to refinance their mortgage. Great job guys and thanks Karen!

Best regards,

Karen & John Connolly
Jamul, CA"

Review Verified on 10/4/2012


"My husband and I applied for the HARP refinancing. With the help of Karen Cook, this long tedious process has finally come to an end on Sept. 28, 2012. Karen has gone above and beyond keeping us informed of each step and assuring us the process will end. Without Karen's continued diligence and courtesy, I'm not sure we would have continued the process to the end.

Thanks again to Karen Cook and The Aramco Group!


Karin Coburn"

Review Verified on 9/28/2012


"The Aramco Group personnel were very helpful throughout the process, and went out of their way to accommodate us and overcome any obstacles that came up. We were, and are, very appreciative of the cooperation and assistance of everyone.

Ed and Dorothy Severson"

Review Verified on 9/25/2012


"Responding to a KOGO Radio ad, announcing a dinner hosted by Aramco to explain Reverse Mortgages, I called your company. Frank took my call and very quickly briefed me on the program. His explanation was so compelling and complete, I decided at that moment to do a Reverse Mortgage. After attending the dinner and listening to Mehran Aram, it occurred to me, afterwards, that Frank's brief telephone explanation really was what sold me on the program. Mehran's expertise was just the icing on the cake.

One thing that really impressed me at that dinner, was Mehran giving the attendees his personal cell phone number, and when I called that number, the head guy did answer on the first call - no messages, no option numbers to punch, just Mehran in the flesh. That is most unusual in today's business climate.

When I attended the document signing at The Aramco Group Offices, I was further impressed with the number of personal who kept me company while Mehran attended to a business matter. Alex, Barbara and Larisa came in to chat. That was very impressive.

When we got down to details, Larisa took over my case and I worked primarily with her. She was always friendly and very efficient. I thought, throughout the whole process, "This Lady really knows her stuff."

The whole process took just 40 days to complete. I've been involved in Real Estate transactions for nearly 50 years. I've never experienced a company so friendly and efficient and so expertly managed.

It has been my pleasure dealing with Aramco, and I will certainly let my friends, relatives and contacts know with a class operation Aramco Financial is. Thanks to all making all this so easy for me.

Warm Regards,

Richard (Rick) Albright"

Review Verified on 8/31/2012


"I was scared to death to do a Reverse Mortgage although it sounded really good for my particular situation. My friends and I attended one of the Aramco Financial workshops with Mehran Aram and many questions were answered. Then I met with him individually--twice--and decided to "go ahead" with it. He and his team guided me through every step, and within a month it was a done deal! I receive a monthly statement, so I know exactly where I stand and I no longer have a monthly mortgage payment!! I fully recommend The Aramco Group should you decide a Reverse Mortgage is for you.


Review Verified on 8/29/2012


"Aramco helped my parents obtain a Reverse Mortgage on their home of 48 years. Mehran and his staff took the time to explain the entire reverse mortgage loan process to them, in addition to letting them know of other options available to them. This ensured that my parents made a fully informed decision when moving forward with their reverse mortgage. The reverse mortgage has worked out great for my parents. It has allowed them to live comfortably and without worry. After meeting with Mehran and his staff, I was quite impressed and was absolutely sure that my parents were in the hands of true professionals of very high integrity and competence. I was very impressed by their hard work to meet deadlines and the fact that they are truly dedicated to their clients. I have since that time recommended many friends to the Aramco Group and plan to continue to do so in the future. Thank you Aramco for a job, most excellently done!!!!"

Review Verified on 8/23/2012


"Everyone at The Aramco Group is great! We were thrilled with their staff and excellent customer service!"

Review Verified on 8/21/2012


"My experience with Mehran and the staff at Aramco was excellent. The entire process went very smoothly and just as you indicated it would. I especially appreciated the combination of professionalism, personal care and congeniality"

Review Verified on 7/27/2012


"it was a joy to deal with The Aramco Group from start to finish. Years ago we were pleasantly surprised by their white glove customer service when my wife and I refinanced our home. This year, we got a reverse mortgage with Aramco Financial and was thoroughly impressed by their dedication and genuine care they displayed to us throughout the entire process. They were extremely knowledgeable, returned our calls promptly, even met with us in person if we had any questions that couldn't be answered over the phone. Great experience. Won't take my business anywhere else. Thx Aramco."
Reviews 1 - 9 of 9

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